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Oh contraire, my meticulous friend! “Buidl” means “build useful stuff,” and so a “buidler’ is a person (some of whom are also ATLiens) who builds useful stuff using blockchain. A buidler is inherently a progressive human. A lover of new ideas. A fearless  ‘yeah-let’s-try-that!’ technologist that realizes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack, n00b - the dApphacks BUIDL SQUAD welcomes all with a fun-loving spirit and the desire to learn something new and useful. We want you to join ETHGeorgia in building a better future through decentralization. You don’t need experience in crypto or blockchain technology to jump in, just a strong enough heart to ‘buidl’ on!

And lest we forget to mention it, hackathons look great on a resume.

#codingCareerGoals #buidlSquadATL #dapphackbuidlsquad

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Who can attend? Professional and amateur software developers, hardware enthusiasts, and embedded system developers are ideal candidates. Front-end developers, designers and marketing or business professionals are encouraged to partner with deeper technical experts when creating teams, but are also welcome.

Do I need to know Solidity, C ++, and how blockchains work to participate? Your team should have several skilled programmers, but they do not need to have any prior experience with Solidity, C++ or blockchain technology. Basic to advanced concepts will be covered in tech talks, and participants should follow the setup instructions for their chosen track.

How are teams formed? What if I don’t have a team? Team forming is flexible. You can bring a pre-formed team or start/join a team the day of the event. We will help you form a team.

How do I register and is there any cost? No cost to participate.

If I have questions, where do I go to get them answered? join the slack or email hello@dapphacks.com

IP? Yours. Keep what you bring. Keep what you build.



What hardware do I need? What should I bring? Your laptop, and probably at least one external monitor per group for peer programming.

Do I need to setup my development environment ahead of time? All setup starts at the kickoff of the dapphack event.


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Beth Laign
Sr. Engineering Manager, Call Rail

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Samrit Sangal
Blockchain Solution Architect, Lab 486

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Elizabeth Strickler
Director, Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation, CMII

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Jason Odom
Lead Developer, Cox Enterprises

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Jennifer Georgino
Advisor, Georgia Blockchain Coalition

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Tommy Marshall
Fintech Executive in Residence - Georgia Tech Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)

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Jagruti Solanki
Partner, Technology & Blockchain, Aprio

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Michael Pareles
Crop Science Digital Strategy and Innovation, Bayer

Judging Criteria

  • Design
    Is it easy to understand? Is it easy to use? Is it creative?
  • Awesomeness
    Wow factor. Did you build something no one thought was possible? Did you use techniques that are abnormal, often impractical, and weirdly elegant?
  • Functionality
    Does it work?